Nido Community

AGES 3 - 18 Months

Babies here have a cozy Montessori prepared environment to support their natural needs at their plane of development. The care-givers are warm, caring and experienced.

Fully skilled staff and teachers to get your child ready for primary school

Toddlers’ Community

AGES 18 Months – 3 Years

Here, we emphasise practical life, language development and self- independence

Purpose built play areas for your child’s growth and education

Primary Community

AGES 3 - 6 Years

The children in this community are exposed to five main areas of learning: Practical Life, Language, Numeracy, Sensorial, and Cultural. The children are naturally enriched in the areas such as Care of self, Care of the environment, Grace and Courtesy.

We, at The Royal Master’s School,  aim to nurture children who will excel  in life

Elementary School

AGES 6 - 10 Years

The elementary programme offers lower and advanced Montessori education to pupils  (6 – 9 years and 9 – 11+ respectively). Pupils are independent learners (with freedom within limit). On a daily basis, they observe three hour uninterrupted work period. i.e pupils plan their work, when to start and stop, thereafter, do self —assessment. All subjects are interwoven ie. never taught in isolation.

A child exposed to this programme acquires life skills such as time management, ability to reflect, team spirit and analytical mind.