Our Vision


Our Focus

Our Focus

At the Royal Master’s School we focus on:

Life…and its purpose.

We believe that in spite of our different talents, endowments and interests, everyone is created by God for a unique and great purpose. Success has to do with discovering and fulfilling the divine purpose and it is our task to begin to explore this in each child through a rich, innovative and balanced curriculum and exposure.

Partnership…for results.

The big agenda before us requires the enthusiastic involvement of others, especially, our parents. Correspondingly, parents’ normal desire to see their children excel also requires a credible school system, but parents cannot just “dump” their children in school. We must join forces to build together and sing from the same hymn sheet for harmony and success.

God…the Master-Builder.

The partnership between parents and educators is also not enough to accomplish our lofty objectives. We must, and we do acknowledge that God is the Master Builder. For our labour to be fruitful and our purpose accomplished, we must also focus on, and meaningfully involve God in all we do. How, for instance, can even the best brains develop a strong moral character and upright personality in a decadent world without the tempering influence of the Holy Spirit?


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