Dear Parents,



With a grateful heart to the Almighty God, for seeing us all through Year 2018, we welcome everyone – pupils, parents and members of staff – to Year 2019. We thank God for His abiding grace upon our entire school community.

To all our wonderful parents, we appreciate your patronage and we trust God that this year shall be the best for us all in the mighty name of Jesus (amen).



We believe you have received a copy of the calendar for the term as it was sent to parents’ mails and via broadcast over the weekend. Attached to this newsletter is a hard copy of the calendar.

TERM 2 – THE BLESSED TERM – is a 13 week term and it shall run from Monday, 07/01/19 till Thursday, 04/04/19. If and when the need arises, you will be notified of any adjustment in the calendar.



We recognize that parents represent a powerful arm of any school. Therefore, our goal this year is to promptly inform you about our activities and developments so that we can jointly execute them. As such, we will deploy every available means to improve on our information dissemination such that every parent is sufficiently carried along. If and when the need arises, please, feel free to contact any of the following officers:

  1. The Headteacher – Mrs Florence Oladotun – 08147696483
  2. The Front Desk Officer – Mrs Mabel Adewunmi – 01-4540809; 08185920964
  3. The Accountant – Mr Taiwo Ogunde – 08094087119
  4. The RMS Partnership Forum PRO – Mrs Nkiru Ugwor 07032314741

To receive broadcast messages via WhatsApp, kindly save the Headteacher’s number (08147696483)




  • All pupils are to resume to school before 30am each day.
  • Any parent bringing his/her children after 7.45am will have to sign in the LATE DROP OFF register at the Security reception.
  • Since teachers-on-duty are always at the gate to receive pupils, parents are expected to drop off the children and leave.
  • Morning assembly is from 30am to 8.00am and it is compulsory and beneficial for all pupils to attend, as praise, bible reading, exhortation and announcements are communicated during this period.


A pick-up card is issued to every family. If for any reason the biological parents of any pupil are not on ground to pick him/her:

  1. the parents need to call 01-4540809 or 08185920964, introducing who will be picking up their children
  2. this individual will present the family pick-up card and a means of identification before the children are released.
  • regular classes end at 2.30pm and after school lessons end at 3.30pm.
  1. all pupils who do not take afternoon lesson will move to the hall by 2.30pm, and those who take afternoon lesson by 3.30pm, from where they will be called, via the intercom, once their parents arrive to pick them.
  2. this implies that parents will not need to move beyond the main reception to pick up their children.
  3. we encourage parents to pick up their children as soon as classes are over, so they can get home on time, freshen up, eat, take a nap and do their home-work. The habit of some parents leaving their children in the school long after classes are over is very unhealthy for the children. Kindly do all in your power to improve on this.


Parents should get the pupils ready before the school bus arrives every day. Lateness on the part of a pupil/family has a ripple effect and ultimately results in late coming for all the children on the bus.

Therefore, drivers’ maximum waiting time at any particular place / residence is 3 minutes.

In the same vein, parents should be available to receive the pupils in the afternoons.

Any change in the parents’ routine that will alter the schedule should be communicated to the school ahead of time.



We expect our pupils to appear neat at all times. The elementary pupils are to wear washed and ironed school uniforms with black socks on black shoes on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays; sportswear with white socks on canvas on Wednesdays and RMS polo shirts on decent jeans on Fridays.

The girls’ hair should be neatly and moderately plaited while the boys wear well brushed low cut.



We place a high premium on protecting our work periods from all kinds of distractions. Therefore:

  • Teachers are prohibited from making or receiving phone calls during academic hours. Parents can speak to the Admin staff if a need arises.
  • Parents who wish to see their children’s teachers for any reason can do so between 40 and 4.00pm.



It has been proven world over that children who enjoy parental assistance in respect of their academic work perform very well. We therefore solicit for your active involvement and participation in your children’s academic programs, specifically assisting them in the areas of Math fact, Reading and Writing, Book Report, Research Presentations and promptly endorsing the Home -work record books.



One of the most important events this term is the annual inter-house sports competition which has been slated for Wednesday, 27/02/2019. We still have beautiful memories of 2018 event and together, we can make 2019 edition a lot better. We solicit for your support, involvement, contributions and presence at the event.



By now, we expect that parents would have FULLY paid up their children’s school fees. The grace period of two (2) weeks will expire on Friday, 18/01/19. As such, any child whose fees have not been fully paid will not be allowed in the school from Monday, 21/01/2019.

Feel free to see the School Accountant, should you require further details and clarifications on this.



As we all commence this new year with great optimism, we assure you that our children’s academic progress is our priority and by God’s grace, we will not renege on our promise to offer them high quality education.


God bless us all.


MRS FLORENCE OLADOTUN                                                             MRS SENIORBA OLATUNJI

     HEAD TEACHER                                                                                   EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR

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